About Us


Who are we?

Digital City is the next generation managed service provider removing cost and complexity from IT. We provide customers with independent expert advice throughout the life cycle of the partnership. Our key focus is in the areas of connectivity and Internet, managed services, and cloud services.

Digital City has a growing channel partner community. Our resellers find our proposition attractive as a result of its re-sell value and for its ability to support a range of broadband and WAN technologies linked back to our South Yorkshire data centre.

Our investment in network infrastructure over the last year matched with our wholesale carrier relationships gives us an extremely compelling proposition of major interest to telecoms and IT centric organisations. This business direction is testimony to the fact that our network maximizes business value.

We bridge the gap in the managed network services market to bring enterprise-class services to forward thinking small to medium organisations via our channel partners.

By entrusting us with the management of mission critical infrastructure our clients can confidently focus on their core business priorities.

Our vision...

Maximizing the value of your technology

In today’s uncertain marketplace, all companies are looking for the same thing – cost reduction, risk negation, and complexity avoidance.

We believe this is all possible provided you have trusted partners who not only understand your business, but who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are running that business as efficiently as possible.

It is our business to source our customers the best products and services. We continue to evaluate the industry and challenge our suppliers to ensure we deliver the best solutions at the best costs to meet our customers’ requirements. Whether the decision is technology, cost, geography or service driven we have the resources and expertise to source the best solution every time.

This enables our customers to maximize the value of new technologies and gain competitive edge whilst maintaining realistic budget expense. 


The Benefits - How can Digital City help your business?

IT and the internet in particular can bring massive benefits to any business. Broadband can help enhance your competitive edge. With Digital Region services, your staff can make greater use of the Internet to find information, improve processes, download services and applications, at the same time as using the same connection for phone calls, video conferences or backing up your data. Ultimately we help to deliver improved efficiency and customer service. Improved efficiency brings cost benefits. Digital Region Broadband allows your business to multi-task.

Very Fast Access

A Digital Region connection can give you the fastest broadband access available in the UK with guaranteed bandwidth, rather than an ‘up to‘. Our service is always on and available immediately. This constant rapid connection allows your businesses to take greater advantage of the Internet in a number of ways.

Improved efficiency 

A permanent "always on" connection to the Internet will change the way your business works. Linking your back-office systems to your website can help your business reduce your transaction cost and time. Being online also enables you to automate many  tasks such as order tracking and stock ordering,  Linking remote sites to back end systems improves stock control, sales analysis and order management. Saving time means you can take on more business. More business equals more profit!

Cost benefits

By paying a flat fee for broadband access, companies can see cost savings whilst also making more and better use of the Internet. In many cases, no new phone line is needed as the benefits can be realised from upgrading an existing line. The initial outlay should be easily recouped, thanks to a more streamlined and efficient way of doing business. Introduce our VOIP service and watch your phone bill reduce massively

Better customer and supplier relations  

Digital Region Broadband helps you get closer to your customers and suppliers. You can use it to offer customers round-the-clock access to account information, order status and project details. Suppliers can collect data to improve their service to you, leading to increased responsiveness to your needs.

Improved communications and management  

Broadband makes it easier for everyone to have and use individual email addresses, enabling staff to communicate more effectively, and helping reduce phone and postage bills. There is also the option of greater collaborative working and videoconferencing, which could reduce meeting and travel costs.


With a broadband connection, your business can become more flexible and adapt to your staff, customers’ and suppliers’ needs. Mobile or home-working staff can access your network remotely, which can save you money on office space whilst enabling them to access and contribute to each other’s documents. Flexible working makes your organisation more effective and competitive by saving time and unnecessary journeys. The ability to work from home increases productivity and can improve employee satisfaction.