Technical Specifications:



• New facility to house up to 900 racks

25,000 Sq. ft. gross space

• Ample parking.

• Currently single hall developed

• Private suites available



• Single underground cable feed to power cabinet.

• 8MVA available – substation construction is planned, it will replace existing supply and deliver power 



• Diesel emergency power generator giving 500KVA

• Auto start, less than 1 min to feed 100% of the facility.

• Monthly generator run tests.

• 24x7 contract with local fuel supplier.



• 2 x 150kVA UPS modules providing 150kVA total output with N+1 redundancy, 20-minute autonomy

• Dual redundant A & B distribution.



• 2000W/m² average cooling capability over the gross space

• Temperature regulated overall to 22°C+/- 2°C

• Humidity regulated overall to 50%RH +/- 10%



• Minimum floor to ceiling height: 2300mm from top of raised floor between isles, 2700mm min between isles.

• 500mm raised floor height

• Raised Floor loading 14kN/m²

• Structural Floor Slab: 5kN/m²


Fire Protection

• Use of non-inflammable and low-smoke zero halogen materials


• Building split into sealed, independent fire compartments

• Very Intelligent Early Warning (V.I.E.W.) detection

• Smoke extract system activated by fire alarm with double-interlocked pre-action FM200 fire suppression

system which delivers gas to both above and below the floor cavity.



• Remote 24 x 7 security & CCTV monitoring

• Full electronic access including advanced biometrics.

• Locks on co-location suites and cabinets.

• Intruder detection system on escape and riser doors.

• 24 x 7 CCTV recording of all access points and circulation areas.

• Situated directly opposite and overlooked by the South Yorkshire Police 24x7 armed response HQ.



• Local Operations and Control Centre.

• Network monitoring system with critical alarm repeating to 24 x 7 Regional Management Centre

• 24 x 7 local monitoring & logging of temperature/humidity conditions 

•Full perimeter under-floor leak detection linked to building monitoring system.


Facility Standards

• Facility is designed to accommodate standard rack/cabinets of 2,000mm nominal height

• Power is normally distributed under-floor.

• Fibre and copper distributed under floor (hall1) future halls will be overhead.

• Dual Fibre entry 

• Two independent physically separate fibre ingress comms rooms.

• Dedicated under cover, secure loading area — delivery hours 8.30–18.00 (Mon to Fri)

• Customer test facilities and storage area.