Hosted Workplace

Managed Leased Line

In todays technology driven world, all organisations needs fast, reliable internet access. And that’s precisely what our managed Ieased line product delivers: it’s fully managed by us (so there’s no technical or admin burden on your team), symmetric (same high speed in both directions) and uncontended (no one else shares your bandwidth). What’s more, this internet leased line service includes hardware, 24/7 support, four-hour fault-resolution, and a choice of speeds from 5Mb to 1Gb* - ensuring super fast, always-on access for your business-critical systems and applications. 

Hosted Voice

Our leading edge hosted telephony service is designed specifically for business. Through having complete on-line control of your telephone service, users and associated features, you can increase your emloyee productivity, availability and work more flexibly, whilst at the same time reducing your communications costs

Managed Back Up

Our Data Backup Service is  fully managed, offering enterprise-class, remote backup and instant restoration from our data centre. The automated, SLA-backed service completely eliminates the severe limitations of traditional tape-based data backup. Your data is automatically backed up to our data centre facility from where it is available for rapid restoration via a dedicated link or internet connection.

Managed Desktop

Our Hosted Desktop solution is an innovative new method for delivering desktops to end users within your company. It replaces the “traditional” office network environment with a virtual desktop that looks and feels exactly the same as a normal Windows desktop PC with all your standard Microsoft Office applications and Outlook email.

Access to your data, email, software applications and peripherals such as printers is no different from what you normally experience everyday while working at your desk. All of your data, email and software applications are hosted on our secure on-demand network. Our solutions take away the need for a PC and server environment, making your IT, Hassle Free.


We deliver the above, as an inclusive package with extremely competitive price points;

5 Users (5Mbps leased line) - £500.00 per month

10 Users (10Mbps leased line) -£1000.00 per month

For more information, please call one of our account managers on 01142 997262 or click here to email us.