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18 Oct 2010 @ 09:00 Digital Region Broadband secures another key partner, Digital Exchange


Digital Exchange & Digital Region Broadband today announced a partnership in which Digital Exchange Yorkshire Limited will take responsibility for delivering high speed broadband services to organisations across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.



Neville Wilkinson – Technical Director, Digital Exchange comments - “Digital Exchange has been providing telecoms, IT systems & support for over 15 years.  The introduction of Digital Region connectivity into our portfolio was a natural fit.  We see massive business benefits from this new offering and following careful consideration decided to add to our portfolio, a service which delivers high speed internet connections, yet ones that come backed with a guaranteed level of service.  These days people assume that it’s possible to get a decent broadband connection anywhere within a city the size of Sheffield.


One such customer had recently moved to a new premise on Sheffield Business Park, however due to their distance from the BT exchange and the route that the copper cabling took, we could only provide a speed of 0.25Mb using a traditional broadband connection.  This had a significant impact on their business as they are reliant on being able to submit online orders for stock and equipment.  For a short time it looked as though only an expensive fibre optic leased line would be able to offer the level of performance they required to operate their business, but this came with a high rental cost plus a £5000 installation charge; money they simply hadn’t budgeted for as part of their relocation costs. Connectivity using Digital Region was almost a miracle solution to their problem.  Even though they were still over 1.5 Km away from their street cabinet (the average is just 500m) they are now enjoying Internet download speeds in excess of 15Mb and all at the same price as the lesser performing broadband product. 


We have another customer who we are currently migrating to a Digital Region connection and as they’re located just 10 metres away from their street cabinet we hope to break the record for Internet performance for a broadband-based provision in South Yorkshire. 


Without doubt the connectivity we can now offer our customers within South Yorkshire will give them a real competitive advantage over those outside our region.  This new network is years ahead of anything else in the country and the ability to provide high performance, cost effective connectivity is something our customers have been crying out for. In addition we are currently developing complimentary services that make use of the Digital Region network such as voice, video, data back-up and disaster recovery.” 


George Taylor, founding partner and CEO of Digital Region Broadband comments, “We are very happy to have a partner with the pedigree of Digital Exchange on board. We are already mutually engaged on a number of high profile opportunities and see excellent future growth for both our businesses, driven by our Digital Region. Nick and Neville have a brilliant team and I am confident that they will add huge value to the capabilities that the Digital Region offers.”


About Digital Region Broadband

Digital Region Broadband (DRBSY Limited) is focused on delivery of superfast internet services via a growing network of reseller partners. DRBSY manages its own national IP network, used solely for business use and guarantees the highest service levels in the industry. DRBSY is channel focused and is the leading supplier of managed Digital Region services.


In terms of infrastructure, DRBSY now has one carrier class datacentre, Multi gigabit transit capacity and active peering relationships with most ISPs

DRBSY continues to grow profitably, with very low churn thanks to a sustainable business plan, good people, continuous innovation and a quality network.


What will the Digital Region Network deliver To South Yorkshire?


In technical terms this is the development of a Next Generation Access Broadband network, ubiquitously across South Yorkshire.


The key differences from today’s technology are :

Optical fibre will carry broadband and telephone traffic from the telephone exchange to the end of your street instead of copper wire.


The latest technology in telephone exchanges designed to carry data (e.g. internet traffic etc) rather than purely voice traffic.

This allows much greater bandwidth to the premises, It enables a guaranteed bandwidth, rather than an ‘up to....’ this is critical for the multiple applications now used across broadband. It enables more symmetry (i.e. download speeds can be closer matched to upload speeds) – this is critical for the enhanced video/teleconferencing applications which are to become more standard.


The capability to provide advanced applications, such as –

Remote data storage

Online GP surgery


Working from home

Enhanced video conferencing

Virtual shopping

Virtual classroom

Interactive customer service


For further info regarding Digital Exchange please click here

Location: Sheffield / Rotherham

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