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21 Oct 2010 @ 09:00 Digital Region enables digital olympics for the disabled

Bakersfield Court is a sheltered housing establishment in Rotherham, consisting of 44 apartments and 9 bungalows. The surrounding area also contains bungalows for the elderly. Everyone in Bakersfield Court is over the age of 55 and has some kind of disability. Despite this, the residents are a lively bunch who enjoy playing together on their Nintendo Wii.

In fact, they have requested to play some kind of "Wii Olympics" against other care homes in the region. Thanks to the Digital Region network, they have the capability to do this, and this is something currently being looked at. The residents of Bakersfield Court have the same needs as anybody else, and are looking to utilise the DRL network to access them.

Elderly people and the Nintendo Wii might seem like an odd combination to some people, but it shouldn't. Digital Region is keen to show the region that everyone can make use of modern technology, regardless of so-called barriers such as age. As well as their love of games consoles, the residents at Bakersfield Court are also keen to stay in touch with beloved family members. To do this, they have a video-conferencing suite as well as a computer with a working webcam so that they can use Skype to keep in touch with their families. This is one sheltered housing accomodation that is keen to make great use of the superfast broadband they receive from the Digital Region network,and they are doing so.

Digital Region is now discussing new ways of enabling Bakersfield Court to take advantage of the next-generation broadband. What is clear is that not all residents are fully aware of how to use programmes such as Skype, and are also unaware of the multitude of benefits available to them through the Internet. Digital Region aims to give them the necessary support and show them how they can use these tools to their full capacity, and hopefully this will increase the usage.

Discussions are also ongoing to try and enable extra video-conferencing tools so that more residents can speak to loved ones regularly. As well as video-conferencing to speak to family and friends, this would also hopefully enable GP's to speak directly to those in need rather than them having to wait for someone to be able to visit. These are simple ways in which such an establishment can reap the benefits of the DRL network in order to improve the standard of life for their residents.


George Taylor, Chief Executive at DRBSY comments. "This use of technology by Digital Region Ltd is an excellent example of the transformational benefits of high speed broadband that South Yorkshires Digital Region can deliver, DRBSY look forward to delivering similar projects across the region using the Digital Region network."


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Location: Rotherham

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