Super-fast Broadband

We are focused on enabling businesses to harness the power of next generation network capabilities. By deploying Digital Region connections, we can deliver building blocks for real business advantage. Through the innovative use of meshed Ethernet based services, we can create private communities that allow the value chain to be more connected in a private and secure fashion. We combine the benefits of private networking and the ubiquity of the public Internet, making sure the best medium is used for every transaction, guaranteeing that the network is working for you, how you want it to. Fast, Faster, Fastest.

Our business customers typically come to us for:

  • Ways to reduce their communications costs
  • A network providing intelligence, flexibility, high-availability, scalability and speed
  • Quality of Service guarantees for critical applications
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation between services
  • Flexibility brought by a hybrid of switched Ethernet and routed IP.

Business Class Internet

Delivering converged services that will simplify and improve your business whilst reducing your costs.

To cater for the diverse needs of our different customers, we have created a number of uncontended business Internet solutions at market-leading prices. The solutions in our SYmetric portfolio are all symmetrical internet access delivered over copper and fibre:

Our services are highly flexible. SYmetric services  are “10/100mbps ready” in that you have the option to provision extra services, via keystrokes, up to a full 10/100mbps capacity. This is an additional advantage of our NGN and Internet bundle in that you have already made the investment to support any number of the other services we offer. Should you wish to move beyond the capacity of the package you have purchased, there will be extra charges. Our service allows you to provision services up to a Gigabit of capacity.